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Improving the EV public charging experience

S4EV Ltd was founded out of the need to improve the electric vehicle public charging experience.  EVs are now proven to be incredibly reliable and capable of taking on long journeys, but if you can't charge when you need to, this could dent your confidence in driving your car.


One of the biggest frustrations of EV drivers is ICEing: blocking an electric vehicle charging bay with an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle.  Before S4EV was founded, ICEing was often difficult for an EV driver to deal with - some places don't have traffic wardens, and in those places that do, traffic wardens can't watch every charging bay 24/7.  Ground-mounted sensors in charging bays alert the charging network to a vehicle that is parked in a charging bay and not charging, but these sensors cannot identify the vehicle, and therefore rely on a traffic warden to inspect the bay.  Both of these solutions regularly let ICErs off the hook as they manage to drive away before they can be fined.  Camera-based solutions work for large charging hubs, but are too expensive to deploy at every single charge point, everywhere in the country.


So, S4EV developed Charge Saint, an anti-ICEing app that lets EV drivers report ICEing to the operator of the charge point.  The evidence provided by Charge Saint lets the charge point's operator send a parking fine to the ICEr, so they'll quickly learn not to block a charging bay again.  This will help to keep charging bays available for EV drivers who need them, and improve the public EV charging experience for you and other drivers.

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